BSA produces all the different types of forged and induction heat treated rolls that are present in different location in rolling mill -  levelling line like:

  • deflector rolls;
  • pinch rolls;
  • tension meter rolls;
  • drums;
  • flattener rolls;
  • and others.

We use only selected forged material, quenched and tempered, with Chromium - Molybdenum – Vanadium inside just to achieve the best microstructure and mechanical properties combined with the most suitable heat treatment to increase lifetime and performance under working and reduce production costs as well as maintenance time.

The know-how offered to B.S.A. customers is based on long experiences achieved in the heat treatments field and kept up-to-date according to the new market trends.

Slitter shafts

We produce slitter shafts for slitting lines manufactured from the highest quality forged steel and accurately ground to keep precise tolerances against axial or radial runout concerns.
The heat treatment is specially studied in order to guarantee a higher surface hardness than knives so to avoid scratches and wear due to frequent changes of cutting blades.

Work rolls for 2Hi – 4Hi rolling mill for ferrous
and non-ferrous metals

The experience acquired in the field of the heat treatments, together with a wide knowledge of the characteristics of the steels and machining cycles allow B.S.A. to produce forged rolls of low, medium and high-alloyed tool steels.
The reference market is that of the medium and small size rolls, with high precision mechanical machining for the cold milling of narrow and thin strips of ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

The maximum dimensions for the rolls supply are: 

Work rolls: Ømax ~300 mm, maximum weight: 2500kg
Back-up rolls: Ømax ~600 mm, maximum weigth: 3500kg

The great accuracy of the grinding step and the high surface hardness of the work rolls allow the customer to get strips with a high degree of precision and a very good surface finishing.

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