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B.S.A. s.r.l. is an Italian company specialized in the production of rolls, backup bearings and other components for leveling machines.
With support of our induction heat treating facilities TERMOSTAHL and TTL can supply all types of cylindrical induction hardened and ground rolls in size from Ø10 mm to 1000 mm and maximum width of 8 meters.

The long experience acquired in over 50 years of mechanical operations and heat treatments allows us to offer to our customers special materials and proper hardening profiles to improve the lifetime of rolls and backup bearings in accordance with the different mill working conditions. 

B.S.A. s.r.l. operates worldwide as a leader supplier of spare parts for levelers and can guarantee specific “Know How” based on the experience so to supply to customers engineered products developed to solve specific problems of wear resistance, toughness and load capacity.



B.S.A. s.r.l. is a family owned company established in 1979 as a spinoff of the sister company TERMOSTAHL, the eldest induction heat treating facility of Italy. 
Along with the long experience in heat treatments, the company started to manufacture shafts for linear guidance systems for ball bushing bearings. 
During the following years the company is grown quickly integrating the production with new products like tie bars for presses and components for levelers.

In the second half of 80’s the company has grown in the world market, developing especially the production of high-quality rolls and backups and becoming one of the largest roll maker in Europe with a capacity of over 3000 rolls per month.
Through the combination of large investments in tool machines, robotics and automation, new material research & developments and heat treatment technologies we have built and developed the actual excellent company reputation that characterises the BSA products worldwide.

Actually, BSA Group is managed by brother and sisters Marco, Stefania and Valentina, third generation, that guarantee company stability and future developments to an Italian successful historical business.

Headquarter: Via Tirso N° 8, 20098 San Giuliano Milanese (MI), Italy
Registered office: Via Benedetto Marcello N° 6, 20124 Milano (MI), Italy

Sales Management: Phone +39.02.9828.4024 - Fax +39.02.9828.9887 - E-mail: bsa@termostahl.it


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