BSA has always been oriented towards improving quality and process control. In this perspective, the acquisition of the ERP software made possible to simplify and at the same time to strengthen controls over all the material under production. A process that begins from the selection of the raw materials and finishes only after deep control tests, through several controls during the different production steps.

According to our customer-satisfaction-oriented philosophy B.S.A. has a specific area responsible for quality control, in which dimensional check is performed by forefront machineries with which each tolerance and critic points are controlled, in order to guarantee high quality finished pieces and to avoid any problems during the assembly phases at customer’s ends.

Each single piece is identified by a BSA marking that is a quality mark for our customers’ satisfaction and allow us a 100% traceability of the production lot. A quality control test is released to the customer at the end of the job, with all the relevant information about the product quality.

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